Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today is Father's Day, So I will spotlight my Dad.

James Edward Baker Jr.

Nickname Eddie

Born 5 September 1925 in Esmond, Benson, North Dakota
Died 28 February 1975 at home, San Jose, Santa Clara, California

I'm not sure if this is an actual picture of my father or just a generic picture.

Here is a picture of my father at 7 months.

My father's navy picture, mid 1940's.

My father and mother in the 1950's.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Suranme Saturday

The Surname I'm going to mention today is one of my Italian names, Bionaz
My mom Elizabeth Joan Bionaz Baker - born in San Francisco California - 1931
My grandfather John Camil Bionaz - born in Southfork, Cambria County, Pennsylvania - 1904
My great-grandfather John Elere Bionaz - born in Gignod, Aosta, Italy - 1867
My 2great-grandfather (possibly) Peter Bionaz - somewhere in Aosta, Italy - about 1840
I'm not sure about the information on Peter.

Now there is a second Bionaz line that ties into my line, but as far as we know they are not connected.

John Elere Bionaz married Orpheline Boche and Orpheline's sister, Amelia, married a John F. Bionaz. However the two Johns have different mother's names and were not aware of being related.