Friday, September 21, 2012

Lucinda Dunham Minard (Miner) Winchell

My 3great-grandmother's death certificate. I am grateful to my sister-in-law Lisa for finding this record. She needed to think outside of the box to find it. My 3great-grandmother's name at time of death was Winchell, but everything except the last name is correct.

REGISTRATION OF DEATHS                                 page 75

1. Full name of deceased   Lucinda Michell
2. The Color (a)               White  
3. Sex                              female
4. Age, (at last birthday)   seventy eight  (78)
5. Name of the father of deceased   Charles Dunham
6. Name of the mother of deceased  Mrs. A
7. Occupation of deceased
8. Place of birth of deceased America
9. Name of wife
10. Name of husband Jonas Mitchell
11. Date of birth of deceased August 29  1804  Date of death March 20  1882
12. Cause of death (b) Typhoid Pneumonia
13. Name of place, town or township, and county in which the person died  210 Wells St Milwaukee
14. Name and location of burial ground in which interred  Forest Home 
15. Any additional circumstances

I HEREBY CERTIFY, That the above is a true return of the death and other facts above recorded.
    Dated at   Milwaukee
                        Milwaukee  County,             E H G Meachem   M.D.
    Wisconsin, this 21st   day of   March    1882
         Residence             218 Hanover Street               County, Wisconsin

Recorded this       22        day of        March              1882

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I was doing on 9/11/01

I was substituting at Lonoke High School. The teacher was doing something at the school but could not be in the classroom. She had planned on the students watching a video. As classes changed from 1st period to 2nd period some male students came in talking about what had just happened in NY. Now High School students when they have subs try and pull the wool over the subs eyes and try to get the sub to change the lesson plans so they can goof off or have a free day. So when these boys came in talking that was what I thought they were trying to do. Shortly after that the teacher came in and confirmed what the boys were saying and turned the TV to the news and I watched the news all day on 9/11 and talked with students about it all day.

One thing that I thought was amazing was that during the day the projections of how many were dead was 20,000 or more and that when the final death count came out the dead numbered so few compared to the number originally thought. So many people changed their normal routine that day and were thus still alive. My hearts go out to those who lost their lives, but we also remember God was there that day and saved so many more from death.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom

Not all Birth Certificates are created alike, nor are all delayed certificates clearly marked.
An example is my great grandmother Minnie Estella Miner's delayed birth certificate. Look at the birth date and the date of registration

Full name of Child .........................................................Minnie Estella Miner
Color ...........................................................................White
Sex ...............................................................................female
Name of other living issue living .....................................Harriet M. Hill

Full name of father ....................................................... Reuben F. Miner
Occupation of father .................................................... Deceased
Full name of mother previous to marriage ..................... Mary Lucy Starkey
Hour, day of week of month, and year, of birth .............February 16, 1872
Place, town or township, and county in which born ........Osceola, Polk Co., Wisconsin
Birthplace of father ...................................................... New York State
Birthplace of mother .................................................... New York State 
Name of physician or person signing certificate or affidavit.. Lucy H. Baker
Residence of person last named ................................... 112 N Railroad Ave. San
                                                                                                  Mateo, California
Date of certificate or affidavit ....................................... June 5, 1939
Date of registration ...................................................... June 26, 1939
Any additional circumstances ........................................

Although this is a birth certificate, the 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses are closer to the actual birthday of 16 Feb 1872. This birth certificate was registered 67 years after the fact and her eldest daughter is listed as the person signing the certificate. The delayed certificate did not have any documentation with it. I have delayed birth certificates for her children born in North Dakota and all of those have documentation to support the information.

Friday, August 3, 2012

2012 Genealympics

Earlier I posted my flag now for my placing in 2 events

Number of Generations back for a surname. 

10 Generations back for the Baker Surname. 
Starting with my father Edward, his father James - 2 generations born in North Dakota
Then Henry, James, Edward - 3 generations born in Ontario Canada
Then Benjamin, James, Benjamin and Joshua - 4 generations born in Colonial America
And finally the immigrant Alexander - 1 generation born in England 

Through DNA testing using my brother Tony's DNA it has been discovered that our Alexander Baker is not the one married to Alexander Baker who married Elizabeth Farrer

Medal Award: Diamond for at least 10 generations

Number of Descendant from a great-great-grandparent

James Edward Baker and Elizabeth Mattice
80 descendants 
with an explanation- I usually only go down 2 generations on Collateral lines
and this does not count Spouses who married into the family

 Medal Award: Bronze for between 50 and 100 descendants

(maybe I can carry down 1 or 2 lines for a silver, if I do I will re-post this)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two Babies Named Eli

            Several years ago I was at a dinner at my great Aunt Amelia’s house. There were several cousins from my mother’s generation there and as we talked someone mentioned that they remember something about two babies born with the same name and that one died at a young age. The thought was that Grandma Charlotte Boche (my 2-great grandmother and Amelia’s mother) had two boys with the same name. Something about she had one and he died and then named the second one the same name, but no one could remember any details.
            While I was looking at a microfilm of Pennsylvania births, I came upon a possible answer to the question; “Were there really two babies with the same name?” I found that there were two Joseph Eli’s born in October of 1902. On 2 October 1902, Charlotte Ducley Boche had a son, who lived to have a family. The second Joseph Eli was born to my grandmother Orpheline Mary Boche Bionaz, my great-grandmother and Charlotte’s oldest daughter, who was born 7 October 1902. This Joseph Eli died at a young age. I still do not know when he died, but I do know he died before the 1910 Census. He is not listed in the 1910 Census and the census states that Orpheline was the mother of 3 children, with only 2 still living. A picture taken about 1908 of Orpheline’s children only has Charlotte and John, the two children listed in the 1910 Census, and no Joseph Eli in it. Also, John E. Bionaz, Orpheline’s husband, Petition for Naturalization dated Sep 1908, does not list a child named Eli, it only lists Charlotte and John as his children. I do not know if these are the two babies with the same name that was mentioned that day so many years ago, but they could be.

Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 Genealympics

Randy Seaver over on Genea-Musings has announced the 2012 Genealympics

So here is my flag
1) The Colonial Flag represents my ancestors who can over before 1750.
2) The Canadian Flag, with the flag of Ontario represents my Loyalist ancestors who left the USA after the Revolution and went to Canada.
3) Next is the Norwegian Flag with the flag of Oppland represents my Norwegian ancestors who came from the area of Oppland.
4) The last is the crest of Aosta on top of the Italian flag represents my Italian ancestors who came from the Valli de Aosta area of Italy.

So Let The Games Begin!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Surname Saturday

Today I am going to link my family back to One of the more recent immigrant families in my family.

1) Me, Betty-Lu

2) James Edward Baker Jr - born in North Dakota
     Elizabeth Joan Bionaz - born in California

3) James Edward Baker Sr - born in North Dakota
     Lucy Mary Huyck - born in Wisconsin

4) Henry Austin Baker Sr - born in Ontario Canada
    Anna Christofferson - born in Minnesota

5) Erland Christofferson - born in Lesja, Oppland, Norway
    Elizabeth (Syversdatter) Haugen - born Lesja, Oppland, in Norway
*Erland and Elizabeth married in Minnesota

6) Christoffer Erlandsen - born in Lesja, Oppland, Norway
    Aase Oldsdatter - born in Lesja, Oppland, Norway

6) Syver Syverson Haugen - born in Lesja, Oppland, Norway
    Marit Hansdatter - born in Lesja, Oppland, Norway

I will need think of a way to continue the Norwegian line, Norway had 2 naming system:
  1. Patronymics
  2. Farm Names 
Sometimes both names are used and the farm name can change as they moved from place to place.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Same Barn 80 Years Later

I realized I have 2 pictures of the same barn, but there is about an 80 year difference in when they were taken.
The barn is located in Devil's Lake North Dakota. 
The barn belonged to the Baker Family.

 This is a picture my brother Tony took in 2003. the barn certainly has seen better days!

This is the same barn in 1926. Apparently the 1960 date is the date it was given to grandma.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bureau of Land Management

This past week I received 2 CD's in the mail. Now when you order BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Records you have a choice: 1) Receive the information in paper form or 2) Receive the information on a CD. The National Archives who has the BLM records charges $40.00 per order no matter how many pages there are in the record. The 2 records I ordered are as follows

  1. Richard Teed Huyck purchasing land in Ohio. His file was for a cash purchase of 80 acres of land and the record only had 4 pages. This is the smallest I have yet to see. It just Lists his intention, his receipt and the front and back of the folder it was in. Not much for $40.00.
  2. Erland Christofferson, my emergent  2great grandfather, purchasing land in North Dakota. His file was for a Timber Culture for 160 acres. In the file there were pages telling how many acres he plowed, how many acres he planted in trees and what kind of trees. Also it contained information about his citizenship and when he came over. I had always assume (I know never assume anything, but you have to start somewhere) that he came through a US port, but he did not he came through Quebec Canada. I never really worried about his ship passenger record to much since I had enough information to find him and his family in Norway, but now I Know where to look for this elusive record. Quite a bit for $40.00.
As I said you never know what you will find in BLM Records.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weebly Website

Baker Roots Research notes 

This is my website where I am posting copies of the originals of various records I have found.

Currently I have Some Research Plans, Land Deeds and Wills/Probate Packets posted. As I transcribe these records and submit them to the appropriate USGen Web site I will link them to the original posted on this website.

Monday, July 9, 2012

It has been awhile

I have not posted much lately since I did not have internet at home. It is hard for me to concentrate for long periods of time right now. But now that I have Internet at home, I am planning on blogging at least once a week.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Funeral Friday

The front and back of the Funeral Announcement

In Memoriam

Santa Clara Funeral Home

In Memory of

November 9, 1898
North Dakota

April 20, 1978
San Jose, California

April 21, 1978 at 3:p.m.
Santa Clara Funeral Home

Virginia Field, C.S.


This is my grandmother Lucy Mary Huyck Baker's younger sister. She died about 2 days before I was hoping to see her. I was at school in Utah and was headed to California for spring break and there was some delay in my leaving and she died while I was traveling. I missed seeing her one last time and attending her funeral.

My Aunt Gladys was very special to me. She was like her older sister, my grandmother, in that she was always kind and supportive in what ever you did. I loved her very much, but it was her time to go. I was told she died the night before the doctors were going to put her on all kinds of life support. In 1978 the doctors still had not embraced the concept of right to die with dignity and they wanted to save her. She and her family knew there was no "saving her" they knew her cancer had progressed to far. She was ready to die, she lived a full life, raised 2 children, watched 3 grandchildren grow and even saw her first great-grandchild be born. I am now glad the doctors now have learned to let people die when it is their time.

I love you Aunt Gladys.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Transcription Tuesday

This is my paternal grandmother's birth certificate. I believe if my mom knew her middle name was Mary, I would have a totally different name. My grandmother dropped Mary from her name when she got married and went by Lucy Huyck Baker.

1. FULL NAME OF CHILD Lucy Mary Huyck
2. COLOR white
3. SEX Female
5. FULL NAME OF FATHER Charles A Huyck
8. DATE OF BIRTH Sun. Aug 26-1894
9. PLACE OF BIRTH Lorain, Polk Co Wis

This Birth Certificate was obtained from the Wisconsin Health Department. Unfortunately I obtained it before I learned about full citations, but I do remember sending for it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday

I had been wanting to get out to California to visit my grandparents graves, but was unable to. My older brother, Tony, and his wife, Lisa, however did have a chance and when they got there they found the name plates in disarray so they ordered a new one and this is it. I am grateful for their efforts in preserving this record.

James Edward Baker Sr

10 April 1898 - 11 Aug 1966

Lucy Mary Huyck Baker

26 Aug 1894 - 7 Nov 1970

They are buried in Woodland, Yolo, California in the mausoleum.