Thursday, December 15, 2011

John C Bionaz Burial

Not all people are actually buried. My grandfather, John C Bionaz had his ashes spread over a National Forest

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday

This is the tombstone for my great-grandma Orpheline Boche Bionaz and for her oldest child Charlotte Bionaz. Orpheline was born in Italy and Charlotte was born in Pennsylvania.

San Mateo County

California, USA

Plot: 125

Orpheline Charlotte

1885-1956 1901-1929


Monday Memories

My paternal grandmother, Lucy Mary Huyck Baker, family had a story that went like this: Robbie Joe, grandma's adopted brother, was adopted because his mother died shortly after he was born and that her mother, Minnie Estella Miner Huyck, had just lost a child. In 1889 bottles and baby formulas were not common and so a young child's best chance to survive was to be breastfeed.

Thus giving me the problem of finding the child that died. Unfortunately the child that died is not listed with any family records.

Below is a copy of the adoption order.

Order for Adoption
State of Wisconsin
Polk County

In County Court
In the matter of the petition of C.A. Huyck and Minnie E. Huyck his wife for leave to adopt.
Joseph Smith Klinck
a male child

Upon the verified petition of C.A. Huyck and Minnie E. Huyck of the town of Loraine in said County for leave to adopt Joseph Smith Klinck, a male child. It appearing to the satisfaction of the court.
That said petitioners are inhabitants of the state of Wisconsin, residing in the town of Loraine in said County of Polk, and are lawful husband and wife.
That said child is the son by birth of Joseph S. Klinck and Effie J. Klinck his wife, and called by the name of Joseph Smith Klinck and was born at Loraine in said county on the 26th day of December A.D. 1890.
That the mother of said child is dead, and that Joseph S. Klinck, the father of said child has given written consent to such adoption in presence of Witnesses.
That the petitioners are of sufficient ability to bring up and furnish suitable nurture and education for the child having reference to the degree and conditions of its parents, and that it is proper that such adoption shall take effect.
Therefore, It is Ordered, that from and after the date of this order, such child Joseph Smith Klinck shall be deemed to all legal interests and purposes the child of, said petitioners, C. A. Huyck and Minnie E. Huyck.
It is further Ordered that the name of such child be changed from Joseph Smith Klinck to Joseph Smith Huyck, the name of the parents by adoption.

Dated Osceola February 3rd A.D. 1891.
By the Court
Ole Larson
County Judge

Found on the bottom sideways on the above papers

Polk County Court
In the matter of the
Petition of
C.A. Huyck and wife
to adopt
Joseph Smith Klinck
Order for adoption

Recorded in Vol 3, Page 121

Filed February 3rd 1891
Ole Larson
County Judge