Friday, September 21, 2012

Lucinda Dunham Minard (Miner) Winchell

My 3great-grandmother's death certificate. I am grateful to my sister-in-law Lisa for finding this record. She needed to think outside of the box to find it. My 3great-grandmother's name at time of death was Winchell, but everything except the last name is correct.

REGISTRATION OF DEATHS                                 page 75

1. Full name of deceased   Lucinda Michell
2. The Color (a)               White  
3. Sex                              female
4. Age, (at last birthday)   seventy eight  (78)
5. Name of the father of deceased   Charles Dunham
6. Name of the mother of deceased  Mrs. A
7. Occupation of deceased
8. Place of birth of deceased America
9. Name of wife
10. Name of husband Jonas Mitchell
11. Date of birth of deceased August 29  1804  Date of death March 20  1882
12. Cause of death (b) Typhoid Pneumonia
13. Name of place, town or township, and county in which the person died  210 Wells St Milwaukee
14. Name and location of burial ground in which interred  Forest Home 
15. Any additional circumstances

I HEREBY CERTIFY, That the above is a true return of the death and other facts above recorded.
    Dated at   Milwaukee
                        Milwaukee  County,             E H G Meachem   M.D.
    Wisconsin, this 21st   day of   March    1882
         Residence             218 Hanover Street               County, Wisconsin

Recorded this       22        day of        March              1882

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I was doing on 9/11/01

I was substituting at Lonoke High School. The teacher was doing something at the school but could not be in the classroom. She had planned on the students watching a video. As classes changed from 1st period to 2nd period some male students came in talking about what had just happened in NY. Now High School students when they have subs try and pull the wool over the subs eyes and try to get the sub to change the lesson plans so they can goof off or have a free day. So when these boys came in talking that was what I thought they were trying to do. Shortly after that the teacher came in and confirmed what the boys were saying and turned the TV to the news and I watched the news all day on 9/11 and talked with students about it all day.

One thing that I thought was amazing was that during the day the projections of how many were dead was 20,000 or more and that when the final death count came out the dead numbered so few compared to the number originally thought. So many people changed their normal routine that day and were thus still alive. My hearts go out to those who lost their lives, but we also remember God was there that day and saved so many more from death.