Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 Genealympics

Randy Seaver over on Genea-Musings has announced the 2012 Genealympics

So here is my flag
1) The Colonial Flag represents my ancestors who can over before 1750.
2) The Canadian Flag, with the flag of Ontario represents my Loyalist ancestors who left the USA after the Revolution and went to Canada.
3) Next is the Norwegian Flag with the flag of Oppland represents my Norwegian ancestors who came from the area of Oppland.
4) The last is the crest of Aosta on top of the Italian flag represents my Italian ancestors who came from the Valli de Aosta area of Italy.

So Let The Games Begin!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Surname Saturday

Today I am going to link my family back to One of the more recent immigrant families in my family.

1) Me, Betty-Lu

2) James Edward Baker Jr - born in North Dakota
     Elizabeth Joan Bionaz - born in California

3) James Edward Baker Sr - born in North Dakota
     Lucy Mary Huyck - born in Wisconsin

4) Henry Austin Baker Sr - born in Ontario Canada
    Anna Christofferson - born in Minnesota

5) Erland Christofferson - born in Lesja, Oppland, Norway
    Elizabeth (Syversdatter) Haugen - born Lesja, Oppland, in Norway
*Erland and Elizabeth married in Minnesota

6) Christoffer Erlandsen - born in Lesja, Oppland, Norway
    Aase Oldsdatter - born in Lesja, Oppland, Norway

6) Syver Syverson Haugen - born in Lesja, Oppland, Norway
    Marit Hansdatter - born in Lesja, Oppland, Norway

I will need think of a way to continue the Norwegian line, Norway had 2 naming system:
  1. Patronymics
  2. Farm Names 
Sometimes both names are used and the farm name can change as they moved from place to place.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Same Barn 80 Years Later

I realized I have 2 pictures of the same barn, but there is about an 80 year difference in when they were taken.
The barn is located in Devil's Lake North Dakota. 
The barn belonged to the Baker Family.

 This is a picture my brother Tony took in 2003. the barn certainly has seen better days!

This is the same barn in 1926. Apparently the 1960 date is the date it was given to grandma.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bureau of Land Management

This past week I received 2 CD's in the mail. Now when you order BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Records you have a choice: 1) Receive the information in paper form or 2) Receive the information on a CD. The National Archives who has the BLM records charges $40.00 per order no matter how many pages there are in the record. The 2 records I ordered are as follows

  1. Richard Teed Huyck purchasing land in Ohio. His file was for a cash purchase of 80 acres of land and the record only had 4 pages. This is the smallest I have yet to see. It just Lists his intention, his receipt and the front and back of the folder it was in. Not much for $40.00.
  2. Erland Christofferson, my emergent  2great grandfather, purchasing land in North Dakota. His file was for a Timber Culture for 160 acres. In the file there were pages telling how many acres he plowed, how many acres he planted in trees and what kind of trees. Also it contained information about his citizenship and when he came over. I had always assume (I know never assume anything, but you have to start somewhere) that he came through a US port, but he did not he came through Quebec Canada. I never really worried about his ship passenger record to much since I had enough information to find him and his family in Norway, but now I Know where to look for this elusive record. Quite a bit for $40.00.
As I said you never know what you will find in BLM Records.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weebly Website

Baker Roots Research notes 

This is my website where I am posting copies of the originals of various records I have found.

Currently I have Some Research Plans, Land Deeds and Wills/Probate Packets posted. As I transcribe these records and submit them to the appropriate USGen Web site I will link them to the original posted on this website.

Monday, July 9, 2012

It has been awhile

I have not posted much lately since I did not have internet at home. It is hard for me to concentrate for long periods of time right now. But now that I have Internet at home, I am planning on blogging at least once a week.