Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wilson L Starkey official Death Record

This week I'm posting the official death certificate for Wilson L Starkey. Wilson L Starkey died during the Civil War and his mother Mary Ridgway Starkey Lewis applied for and received a mother's pension based on Wilson's Military Service.
The official death certificate states Wilson died on the 27th of July 1862. Throughout the pension packet you will find the death date listed as 26 July 1862. All that I can figure is he died during the night and the person reporting his death to Wilson's family assumed he died before midnight and the doctor filling out the certificate assumed he died after midnight. Below is a statement of death from his company, which lists the death date as 26 July 1862.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goals for this week

I am having trouble staying busy this summer and decided to post goals on the blog in hopes of staying organized and focused.
1) Index at least 700 names this week.
2) Post something from Wilson L Starkey mother's pension file.
3) Work on a research plan. This week for Delaplain Ridgway.
4) Redo citations for 1FGS received from Jean Belbutowski.
5) Spend some time in Second Life.
Note: My great-grandmother Minnie Miner Huyck's sister joined the LDS Church towards the end of the 1800's. Since then her family has been working on that line of my family. I meet her daughter while attending BYU and at that time copied quite a few FGS that were in her collection. When I transferred from PAF to RootsMagic the citations transferred as free form, so I need to go back and redo the citation.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Surname Sunday

There is an interesting pattern to some of the men the women I my mother's family married. See if you notice it.
Starting with my great-grandmother.
Mary Orpheline Boche, married John Elere Bionaz.
Her son John C Bionaz, married Elizabeth Grace Hawke. (Here it kind of skips a generation, but it makes up for it in the next generation.)
My mother Elizabeth "Joan" Bionaz, married James Edward Baker Jr
Her sister my aunt Jacqueline Carol Bionaz, married Arthur Stuart Backer (Yes, my mother married a Baker and her sister married a Backer)
Me, Betty-Lu Baker, married a Burton.
Did you notice the pattern? All the last names that start with a "B". I just think it is interesting and wanted to share this with others.