Friday, August 3, 2012

2012 Genealympics

Earlier I posted my flag now for my placing in 2 events

Number of Generations back for a surname. 

10 Generations back for the Baker Surname. 
Starting with my father Edward, his father James - 2 generations born in North Dakota
Then Henry, James, Edward - 3 generations born in Ontario Canada
Then Benjamin, James, Benjamin and Joshua - 4 generations born in Colonial America
And finally the immigrant Alexander - 1 generation born in England 

Through DNA testing using my brother Tony's DNA it has been discovered that our Alexander Baker is not the one married to Alexander Baker who married Elizabeth Farrer

Medal Award: Diamond for at least 10 generations

Number of Descendant from a great-great-grandparent

James Edward Baker and Elizabeth Mattice
80 descendants 
with an explanation- I usually only go down 2 generations on Collateral lines
and this does not count Spouses who married into the family

 Medal Award: Bronze for between 50 and 100 descendants

(maybe I can carry down 1 or 2 lines for a silver, if I do I will re-post this)

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