Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mail Package

Lisa, my sister-in-law, and my brother, Tony, went traveling last fall and their traveling always include genealogy stops along the way. Now Lisa is an avid genealogist and Tony supports her. Last fall their travels took them to Salt Lake City and the Family History Library and this week I received a package of things they found. It was fairly thick and I was excited about getting it. It contained several naturlization papers and also a lot of things that she found in books. I almost didn't go swimming that day. I swim for exercise and the class I am in was the same day the package came, but I did make it swimming and that afternoon I sat down and looked through it. It will take awhile to go through everything and enter it into my database.

One of the things that came in the packet was a copy of the information Lisa was able to get on my grandfather John Bionaz. We were hoping to get his enlistment papers. Since both of his parents were born in Italy, we were hoping his enlistment papers would give us a little more information on his father. However, he served during WW II and Korea and so only his spouse and children can get all the records, since his wife and daughters are dead we will have to wait for 62 years after he died to get those records. We don't understand what could be in those records that erquire the wait. Lisa did the request under Tony's name hoping that since he was the grandson of the sailor they would release the records. But they insisted even with all the close family dead and the their death dates provided, they still would not release the records. How frustrating!

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A rootdigger said...

wow, inforcement of their word. right. so very frustrating. Not only that but other places too with their privacy issues. Makes me want to hurry up on everything.
Nice to see your blogging. I find it interesting as you work through your process.