Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dilaplain Ridgway Research Plan

Here is a research plan I made for Dilaplain Rdgway. It turns out I will be making several for him in an effort to document his life. He lived in both Burlingham County New Jersey and Philadelphia Pennsylvania (both locations being near each other). He also did a lot of buying and selling land in Philadelphia.

Objective: Is the Delaplain Ridgway that married Dorothy Reed in 1803, the widower of Hannah Coulton, who died in 1802 leaving small children. Both of these Delapalins were Bricklayers and connected to both Mt Holly, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the early 1800's.

Research: Locate Dilaplain Ridgway's will and probate record.

Know: A Dilaplain Ridgway is found on the tax rolls of Northampton, Burlington, New Jersey (tax rolls found on

  • 1793 June Tax List: Dilliplain Ridgway

  • 1810 Tax List: Diliplain Ridgway

  • 1810 Tax List: Deliplain Ridgway and Thomas Ridgway

  • 1820 Tax List: Deliplain Ridgway est.

Deliplain Ridgway with wife Dorothy Reed was selling property in Philadelphia before 1810.

Hannah Coulton Ridgway died in Philadelphia in 1802.

Where to look:

  1. New Jersey Wills: Wills, v A-B 1804-1820 FHL Film 832912 and Wills, v C-D 1820-1836 FHL Film 832920

  2. New Jersey Probate Records: To use the probate records for Burlington county find the descendant's name in the Estate index. The index gives the volume and page number where that person is found in the Proceedings index. The Proceedings indexes the various probate records for this county, except the "Miscellaneous Records" which have their own index. Estate index, P-S 1785-1970 FHL Film 832909 and Inventories, v A-B 1804-1826 FHL Film 832947

  3. Possibly the Guardian records: His children with Hannah would have been between the ages 18 and 23 in 1820 (with a son about 18). Any children with Dorothy would be younger than 18. Guardianship and administration, v A-B 1804-1864 FHL Film 832957 and Guardian accounts, v A-B 1800-1829 FHL Film 832963.

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