Sunday, March 20, 2011

Research Goal

This week My research goal is to clean up my sources/citations in my data base. Awhile ago I switched from using PAF to using RootsMagic, RootsMagic has better resources/ templates to make better citations. This week I'm going to clean up my Baker line and the other Loyalists that moved to Canada after the Revolutionary War.
RootsMagic offers free webinars and the other day I watched one on Sources and Citations and it explained how to make better citations. It also explained that when you move a GEDCOM from PAF to RootsMagic the citations do not always transfer very well. Some of the Source information can end up being hidden, because the Source templates are different.
This will also give me a chance to reevaluate what I've done and what still needs to be done.

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Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

RootsMagic has a webinar on Sources and Citations. It's pretty good and may help you clean up your database. You can run reports and print lists about citations, which may be handy in spotting errors. Worth a view if you haven't seen it yet.