Monday, January 14, 2013

Asha was born

25 years ago today, 14 Jan 1988, I went home from the hospital crying my baby just would not come. She was two weeks late and it had been 6 weeks since the doctors first thought she would come. Is this baby ever going to come? I wondered. That night after putting the other children down to bed and getting ready for bed, I went to the bathroom and my water broke. Lucky that I did not have a big mess to clean up, but now what. All the various plans we had for what to do with the other children went out the window. There just was not enough time. So my husband took me to the hospital and dropped me off. Thankfully we only lived about 5 minutes from the hospital. Then he took the other 3 children, all sleepy and not knowing what was happening, to a lady from church who lived about 5 minutes past the hospital. He got back.

The lady who watched the other children said the next day the only way I could of had a girl was if she was named Asha Elizabeth, otherwise it was a boy. Well it was Asha and she was a wonderful addition to our family.
(I would have added a baby picture, but I realized I did not have any already scan and my scanner decided it did not want to work today.) 

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