Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today my husband left his cell phone home. That's an interesting way to begin a blog about Genealogy, but he needed me to bring it to him before my doctor's appointment. Well my appointment was in the early afternoon and I figured he needed it before then, so I rearrange my plans and decided to do some genealogy. The Little Rock main library is on the way to my appointment. Libraries, especialy the larger ones have internet access to both and HeritageQuest. Both good resource sites, but are fee base. I can't afford to pay the fee, so I plan my trips to the library carefully. I've been reading The Family Tree Problem Solver by Marsha Hoffman Rising. She talks about PERSI, an index to the many genealogical magazines that have been published over more than 100 years. So I got on Heritage Quest and looked through PERSI. I looked for articles that might help me with the Coulton Family and now I need to order several of them. The articles can be ideas on how to research an area, to trascribtions of records. The only problem is if the library you are at does not have the magazine the article is in, then you need to send away to Allen Public Library. They are the ones that keep PERSI updated and they have a copy of all the magazines the index. So now I'm going to order some articles that include tax lists for Philadelphia.

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